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VA Home Loans – No Down Payment Required

U.S Veterans have access to one of the nation's best Home loan options.  It offers Guaranteed home loans to all eligible service members.  While many are aware of this, normally called the "GI Bill" or "Montgomery Bill" not everyone knows how one would qualify for the program.  It is Plattsburgh Mortgage's  centers goal to offer easy to understand information on how to qualify for a Va Home loan in Plattsburgh and Across this great nation we call home.
Just fill out the simple form below to see if you are VA loan eligible. 





All of the below circumstances require eligible veterans to be Honorably Discharged.
War Time
Service time of 90 days or more; or
Service Time of 90 days or less with an honorable discharge due to a Service Related Disability.
Service time of 181 days or more; or
Service time of 181 days or less with an honorable discharge due to a service related disbility.
National Guard or Reservist
Service of At-least 6 years, The Va may be flexible with this guidelines depending on the circumstances.  Give us a call and we can automatically check for you COE.
Spousal Benefits
The spouse of a Deceased Service member is eligible for a Plattsburgh Va Home loan as long as the spouse has not remarried.  Children of deceased veterans are not eligible for Va Mortgage loan benefits.

Technically the VA has no credit guidelines but the lender overlays require at-least a 620 for your credit score.  If you believe you may have a credit score too low to qualify, give us a call at 518-324-5544 and one of our credit specialists can work with you.

Types of Plattsburgh Mortgages eligible to VA borrowers
You may purchase a Home anywhere in the US with a VA loan.  Some restrictions apply on sales price, generally most homes on the market are within this sales price.  Mortgage insurance is not needed but a one-time VA funding fee applies in most cases.  Refinances are allowed up to 100% of your equity.

If you have any more questions or would like to Request a Free Certificate of Eligibility just give us a call or Click here and get pre-qualified.

You served your country, Let us serve you with a quick and easy Home loan, we service the Entire US.



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