You only get to be a First Time Home Buyer once, Let’s make it a great experience 
Buying a home is most likely the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime. Unless you’ve just recently won the lottery or have a very generous rich uncle, you will need to qualify for a mortgage. When you begin to research lender options, knowing how to choose can be difficult. What is the difference between a Local Mortgage bank, A large Nationally Advertised bank, and a bank that also deals with car loans, RV loans and Checking accounts? And what do those variations mean to you as the consumer?

Knowledge counts when it comes to your Plattsburgh Home Loan.
Although we are licensed in all 50 states and have helped home owners from the Bronx to Alaska the core of our Business is in Serving the Plattsburgh NY Real Estate Market with Home loans.  When making a financial decision such as to make the leap from renting to home ownership it is important to talk with someone who deals with this type of loan everyday.  Loan officers at a lot of traditional banks also have to deal with car loans, RV loans, Boat loans, even personal loans.  When working with a dedicated Mortgage Bank   you get to work with a true Loan expert, We live and breath home loans every day and night.  You are also working directly with a decision maker, Not just whoever picks up the phone at the end of the 1800-getmeamortgage number.

The problem with Big Banks

The downside to the big banks? They’re, um, big. The bigger the bank, the more business they do, which means you’re just one of thousands of clients. So, they may not bend over backward to attend to your every whim. “If you go to the big guys, you’re client No. 1,049—they don’t really know you,”


Here are a few examples of Big Banks Review’s Versus Happy Customers at BOE Plattsburgh

Big Banks(below)                        BOE Plattsburgh (Right)








Privacy and east of Contact

Big banks have a large mortgage department and these financial institutions can receive dozens of home loan applications a week. That’s a lot of paperwork to sift through, and it can take loan officers and underwriters several days to review documents and get in touch with applicants. Smaller lenders typically have a faster response time. While a bigger lender may forward applications to another mortgage department or branch, small lenders make many of their decisions in-house. The person who receives your application may be the final decision maker.

It’s often easier to work one-on-one with the underwriter at a smaller bank. You can experience a higher level of personal attention and assistance, which is important if you need advice on how to turn a mortgage rejection into an acceptance, or if you need advice on qualifying for a better mortgage rate.

Another problem many people have ran into is once you give a big bank a little bit of information they call you night and day, even if you tell them you are using another bank the calls never stop

Now how we treat a customer








The false promises of Big Banks Advertising
Contrary to what national lenders may tell you, a local mortgage lender will most likely be able to offer you the lowest interest rate, lowest fee, and the best customer service available. Just because they are smaller does not make them less effective. In fact, their comparatively smaller size gives local lenders more flexibility to respond to you faster, and less costs to overcome.

  I can write as many blogs as I want but A actual customer experience with a big bank is a much more valuable resource.









At BOE Plattsburgh we pride ourselves on keeping upfront promises and always being transparent through the process.  We believe a Handshake and a Man’s word is worth it’s weight in gold and we stand by our promises.   We are a Business that run’s solely on word of mouth, Referral partner’s and our Weekly Mortgage Minute(Live every Friday @3pm on Facebook.com/BOEPlattsburgh).  You only get to be a First Time Home Buyer once, Lets make it a good experience.    Give us a call, Send us a message Or Apply online now.

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