Should You Buy a House?

Should You Buy a House? When faced with the proposition of “settling down” or commitment to a career, often one of the first steps is to find a home. Not just another house but some place to call home. Houses are everywhere but a home defines comfort. It matches the commitments you make in your …

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First Time Home Buyer Programs

First time home buyer programs backed by the federal government. Learn about down payment help, no closing cost options, and no money down credit requirements.

Understanding Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate Taxes

Understanding Real Estate Taxes Purchasing a home is a big step towards professional adulting 🙂 . Understanding how real estate taxes can effect your home purchase and budget is an important step. I am sure you have looked at mortgage calculators online and calculated mortgage payments. But…. can you trust the results? Unfortunately the answer …

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The Basics of a Mortgage

    A mortgage is simply a loan that is used to buy your home. Mortgages are specific to purchasing real estate, but they are similar to other loans. You borrow a certain amount at a specified interest rate of interest over a number of years. The collateral to obtain a mortgage is the real …

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How Avoid Paying Closing Costs

No Closing Costs

How To Avoid Paying Closing Costs In addition to any  downy payment needed, you will also need to plan for closing costs when purchasing a home. Although no closing cost options exist, understanding how closing costs are paid for is an important part of the home buying process.  Closing costs can be as high as …

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Conventional Loans

CONVENTIONAL Conventional Loans A conventional (or conforming) loan is a loan that is not formally backed by any government entity such as FHA, VA, and USDA. Rather, it is a loan that follows guidelines set by Fannie Mac and Freddie Mae, two agencies that help standardize mortgage lending in the U.S. In today’s market, conventional …

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Mortgage Calculator

PMI Mortgage Insurance

How to Calculate a Mortgage Payment A mortgage calculator is one of the most popular searches on Google. It seems every prospective home buyer is looking to the web to estimate how much they will pay when they purchase a house.  The interest is understandable. The internet and marketing channels have a way of underestimating …

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FHA Home Loans

FHA Home Loans FHA Home Loans An FHA loan is a mortgage loan with flexible guidelines backed by the Federal Housing Administration ( A Department of HUD). FHA loans are extremely popular with first time home buyers because they allow down payments as low as 3.5% and allow the seller to pay the borrowers closing …

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