Mortgage Rates Have Hit Their Lowest Point Since November!

With interest rates at their lowest point since November, there couldn’t be a better time to purchase a home or refinance. Get locked into an interest rate as low as 3.875% with no Mony down by calling 518-324-5544 or visit our website to find out what rate you qualify for.

Refinance Your Mortgage

What is a Refinance

What does it mean to refinance? If you’ve never experienced a refinance before, it might seem a little confusing.  In it simplest terms, to refinance your home means you replace the mortgage you have with a new home loan. Hopefully with better terms. When to Refinance People refinance for multiple reasons. The decision to refinance or not …

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Title Insurance Explained

THREE TYPES OF INSURANCE FOR HOMEOWNERS Insurance is protection against loss and, as a homeowner, there are specific insurance policies you may want to consider. The first insurance policy a homeowner should consider is hazard insurance, which is sometimes known as homeowners insurance. Mortgage lenders require homeowners to carry hazard insurance so if you use …

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Mortgage Process - Documents needed to obtain a mortgage - FHA vs Conventional

Simplify the Mortgage Process

Simplify The Mortgage Process As a first­-time home-buyer, the home buying mortgage process can be intimidating and stressful. This is brand new territory for you. And since you don’t know what to expect, you might not realize how slow and complicated the process can be. But even if you’re new to the “home buying game” …

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Mortgage Rates

Today’s Mortgage Rates

TODAYS MORTGAGE RATES When applying for a mortgage, interest rates are always the first inquiry. While the importance of interest rates on your mortgage payment are important, other factors also contribute to the mortgage payment that many consumers overlook. Today’s Mortgage Rates are based on many factors. For a quick quote of today’s mortgage rates …

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