Mortgage “Advisors”

More and more loan officers are presenting themselves as “trusted mortgage advisor” and “mortgage planners.” Unfortunately, there are no standards in the industry for these terms. Disregarding titles, it is important for anyone making this important decision to make it with the best advice possible. To do this, an individual needs an understanding of the …

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The Perfect Loan Application

The Perfect Mortgage Application

The media has it all wrong – securing a mortgage approval and satisfying credit underwriting guidelines are not the challenges facing mortgage applicants. It is meeting the rigorous documentation requirements in the mortgage application that most people fall flat. The good news is, the fix is simple. Just scan, photocopy, fax, and deliver every aspect …

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Are you VA Loan Eligible?

Check your VA Loan Eligibility for free U.S Veterans have access to arguably one of the nations best home loan options.  The VA home loan also called the “GI Bill” or “Montgomery Bill” is guaranteed by Department of Veteran Affairs.  We offer home loans to all eligible service member’s and can help you check your …

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Mortgage Pre-qualification and Pre-approval

Pre-qualification vs Pre-approval

Pre-qualification vs Pre-approval are terms used in home finance to determine how qualified a borrower is. Many applicants I have met with believe the two terms to be synonymous when nothing could be further from the truth. The strength of you offer, as viewed by the seller, could be determined by your pre-qualification or pre-approval …

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First-Time Home Buyers

This might be your first time, but you are off to a great start. Our site is tailored to first-time home buyers with education in mind. Most online sites  never discuss the basics and initial first steps. If you want to know how to take advantage of first time home buyer  programs, you came to …

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