Mortgage Interest Rate Chart

Mortgage Rates at 2 Year Low

Mortgage Interest Rates at lowest point in Two Years Bonds remain attractive to investors as investors caution over the geopolitical stage.  When bonds rather than stocks perform, interest rates tend to fall. Home loan interest rate declined this week and are now

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How To Buy a Home in 2019

How To Buy a Home In 2019 Written By: Travis Carter : Loan Options Purchasing your first home is one of the biggest financial decisions you can ever make. Offering the gift of stability to your family while carrying the burden of

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Which Loan if Best

Secure | No Obligation | Expert Advice WHICH HOME LOAN IS BEST? So you are thinking it is time to buy a house? The two questions most commonly asked are; Which loan program is best?, And when should I apply for a

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Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad Credit Home Loans Can I get a mortgage if I have bad credit? Buying a home with bad credit is easy and safe due to Government backed loan programs like FHA, USDA, and VA. If a Government loan program doesn’t work

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Construction loans

Understanding Construction Loans in 2019

Understanding Construction Loans In 2019 Written By: Travis Carter : Construction loans   Construction loans have grown in popularity due to inventory shortages across the country. Getting approved for a new construction home loan is easier than most banks make it seem. Learn

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No Money Down Home Loans

4 Step Approval – No Money Down Home Loans

4 Step Approval Process No Money Down Home Loans Our USDA four step approval process let’s you check your eligibility from home and get started buying your first home.  As you work through each step of the process, make sure you keep track

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Secure Application

Compare Mortgage Rates! Low Rates From 3.958% (4.61% APR) 100% Free – FHA Lenders – No Credit Check or SSN required Privacy policy | Preventing Identity Theft | Credit Counseling Disclosure | United States Patriot Act Disclosure Bank of England Mortgage has tried to provide accurate and timely

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Home Loans – Out of Pocket Expenses

Out of Pocket Expenses When Buying a Home Written By: Travis Carter : Loan Options Even when you finance a home with a no money down home loan, you may still need to spend some money out of pocket to close on

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The Government will help you buy a home

The Government Will Help You Buy a Home

The Government Can Help You Buy a Home Think that there is no government support for first-time home buyer’s? Think again. The government is supporting first time home buyers and plan to for the foreseeable future  With rates at historic lows in

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USDA Property Eligibility map

Buy a Home With No Money Down in 2019

No Money Down Home Loans – 2019 Definitive Guide Written By: Travis Carter : Loan Options Want to buy a home with no money down but not sure where to start? You came to the right place. In 2019 there are many

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Should You Buy a House?

Should You Buy a House? Written by Travis Carter : Knowledge Center When faced with the proposition of “settling down” or commitment to a career, often one of the first steps is to find a home. Not just another house but some

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Real Estate Taxes Mortgage payment calculator

Understanding Real Estate Taxes

How to Properly Calculate a Mortgage Payment Purchasing a home is a big step towards professional adulting 🙂 . Understanding how real estate taxes can effect your home purchase and budget is an important step. I am sure you have looked at

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